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Hashtag Christmas Dance Wars

At Thanksgiving the Houghs, Menounos, Ballas & Rileys started the now epic #DanceWars and we hope it will become a tradition. They promised they would continue the Dance wars in December.. and they kept their word.. so.. here we go with #ChristmasDanceWars

Derek explains the origin and the meaning of the Christmas Dance wars in this IG post:

"@derekhough: The origin of #christmasdancewars . Feel free to join in . @mariamenounos78 @markballas @msamberpriley @katherineh82 @ninadobrev #houghfamily ” (VIDEO)

First .. the teasers …featuring:

Maria Menounos introducing Jon Taffer and the Kardashians:

@mariamenounos : Twas the night before #christmasdancewars… (Feat. #BarRescue star @jontaffer) R U READY?! (VIDEO)

"@jontaffer: Hav ur dancing shoes nearby?” Here we go! #christmasdancewars @ninadobrev @juliannehough @derekhough @MarkBallas @MsAmberPRiley"

It’s on!! #christmasdancewars tomorrow it’s going down! @khloekardashian @krisjenner @lancebass…(VIDEO1) (VIDEO2)

Then.. it was Hough’s turn…introducing Nina Dobrev

ps: (this has got to be my personal favorite video of the whole #ChristmasDanceWars videos)

"@derekhough : May the odds be ever in your favor … @mariamenounos #christmasdancewars" (VIDEO)

Then it was Mark Ballas ‘s turn introducing Corky Ballas.

"@markballas: Me & dad warming up 4 #christmasdancewars with Xbox1 @ the Galleria in Houston. Lol’ (VIDEO)


First to enter the “Battle field” - Maria Menounos

@mariamenounos: Watch out houghs! Ballas Riley’s etc….#christmasdancewars get ready!!! ” (VIDEO)

Mark responded imediately:

@MarkBallas: LET THE GAMES BEGIN… #christmasdancewars #GREEKS ” (VIDEO)

Enter.. Derek, Julianne, Nina and the Houghs:

@juliannehough: Naughty or Nice List!” (VIDEO)

ps: How amazing was that video…? INCREDIBLY AMAZING!!!

Our Greek Goddess, Maria Menounos, leaves it all out on the dance floor.. and on the tennis court.. and in the pool.. oh yes.. one big, amazing Menounos show!!

"@mariamenounos: My Christmas elves take the court for #christmasdancewars #12daysofchristmas part 1” (VIDEO)

"@mariamenounos :U don’t even know what’s in store #christmasdancewars part 2" (VIDEO)

“@mariamenounos: Continued part 3 #christmasdancewars #12daysofchristmas” (VIDEO)

“@mariamenounos: Continued part 4 #christmasdancewars #12daysofchristmas” (VIDEO)

“@mariamenounos: Part 5 of #christmasdancewars #12daysofchristmas time for the stunts” (VIDEO)

" @mariamenounos: Finale! But we’ve just begun #christmasdancewars #12daysofchristmas” (VIDEO)

Then the Ballas family took the dance floor..Corky and Shirley

"@markballas: Round 1 #BallasFamily #christmasdancewars" (VIDEO)

Enters Mark’s secret “weapon”, Nana with a message for Derek darling (she inspired the name of this post and she was absolutely hilarious and AMAZING)

"@markballas: A message from Nan to @derekhough #christmasdancewars #hurryup” (VIDEO)

And Derek responded quickly to Nana’s request by posting a dance, but not before answering directly to her message:

"@derekhough: Just got out of the Hobbit . Oh yeah here is another . Sampson rocking the Santa Clause hat .#christmasdancewars” (VIDEO)

EN: Julianne posted a blooper (HILARIOUS) for this video:

”@juliannehough : #christmasdancewars BLOOPER from yesterday! Probably my favorite video!” (VIDEO)

A lot of people responded to Derek and Maria’s invite to join the #ChristmasDanceWars including Mark’s DWTS partner from season 6, Kristi Yamaguchi and Alex Shibutani ( the 2011 World bronze medalist):

"@kristiyamaguchi : Pt 1 #christmasdancewars on ice. Who’s bringing it @maiashibutani @alexshibutani @markballas @derekhough ” (VIDEO)

“@kristiyamaguchi: Pt 2 #christmasdancewars on ice…@maiashibutani @AlexShibutani @MarkBallas @derekhough” (VIDEO)

“@AlexShibutani ChristmasDanceWars! We accept..” (VIDEO)

@mariamenounos: Omg almost 200 #christmasdancewars videos so far online…keep em comin! @kristiyamaguchi love that u joined!!!”

Maria Menounos brought the heavy artillery (and by that we mean sexiness and fun) to the #ChristmasDanceWars with different dances and various guests, including the amazing Karina Smirnoff :

“@mariamenounos: You go, Glenn Coco! #MeanGirls #ChristmasDanceWars #JingleBellRock ” (VIDEO)

“@mariamenounos: #backstreetboys #backstreetsback #christmasdancewars w/ special guest star Karina Smirnoff” (VIDEO)

”@Karina_Smirnoff  : Having a blast with @mariamenounos and friends doing some #christmasdancewars ! Happy holidays!”

And two more DWTS pros joined the fun: Emma Slater and Sasha Farber.

“@SashaFarber:  Here you go #christmasdancewars at the Slater house @RobinSlater121 @EmmaSlaterDance ” (VIDEO)

And keeping true to what she said about Greeks inventing war, Maria continued the amazing battle (feat. Jon Taffer):

“@mariamenounos: All I want for Xmas is..Part 1 #christmasdancewars ” (VIDEO)

“@mariamenounos: All I want for Xmas…part 2 w/my friend jontaffer as #fezziwig with his wife! #christmasdancewars” (VIDEO)



"@markballas : Ballas Finale #christmasdancewars feat @bcjean Mum Dad and Fam on percussion.”  (VIDEO) —AMAZING!!!


"@mariamenounos : #christmasdancewars finale!! This took forever! Lol" (VIDEO) BEAUTIFUL!!!

"@mariamenounos : Part 2…#christmasdancewars finale.." (VIDEO) WOW!!

"@mariamenounos : Part 3…#christmasdancewars finale" (VIDEO)

"@mariamenounos : Special thx to part of my #christmasdancewars crew! Special thx to part of my #christmasdancewars crew! @pat_lambert @gabbylo87 @missashleydaniels @charbroadbent_ @nikki_leo_ @candai @ryanacarrillo “

Derek feat Bruce Hough:

"@derekhough: Freestyle in the living room #christmasdancewars” (VIDEO)

The final touch: Enter - Ms. Amber Riley!!!

“@MsAmberPRiley: Since the Rileys didnt participate, I am appointing myself the judge !!!!! @mariamenounos @derekhough @MarkBallas”LOL

CONCLUSION - Amber said it best!!!!

"@msamberpriley: YOU ALL WIN! go to bed! I enjoyed #christmasdancewars, what a fun tradition to start 4 the holidays @mariamenounos @derekhough @markballas "

Thank you all for making the Holidays even more special!! And Maria and Derek .. KEEP THEM COMING, PLEASE!!

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